Monday, May 12

How to plan the perfect Caribbean Cruise?

With the kind of stress that we deal with everyday— in work and at home, there is an urgent need to take a vacation and just get away once in a while. Leisure time is also needed to recharge our batteries so that new ideas may come forth. But what if the “supposed” leisure time will also add up to the stress?

The Caribbean is one of the leading destinations for people who just want to relax the day away and not think about anything but the long stretch of beach and the sun. Being at the far corner of the world can however be a disadvantage especially if you are not one who go into the details of things.

Missed trip. Lost baggage. Hotel reservations that did not get reserved. Lost tickets. These happen to everyone. But although situations like these do crop up without meaning to, there are things that travelers can do to avoid these and make their trips as smooth-sailing as possible. Read on and find out how you can plan for the perfect Caribbean cruise or a cruise wherever in the world minus the headache and the stress.

1. Know everything

Details are pretty importance especially if you are on embarking on a trip in place where you don’t know anyone or ask the help of anyone. If you have concerns such as the safety of the location of the hotel room or the route that the cruise will take, do not hesitate to ask. Asking questions is for free. From the scheduled times of the cruise ship just in case you miss it to the procedure done just in case you lost your baggage or your tickets… you can ask anything. Knowledge as they say is power. And it is better to be branded as nosy than to be stranded in the island without a cent to your name.

2. Ensure that everything is confirmed

Before the scheduled date of departure, call up the hotel where you made your reservation and inform them of your arrival. Ensure that they did reserve the room for you and that they will be preparing it for your arrival. Ask the name of the attendant who made the reservation as well as the confirmation so that you can give a name just in case something happened with the reservation.

Make sure also that you have the right time of departure for the cruise. Call up the office a day before and confirm the time. Sometimes, cruise ships delay their departure because of the weather or some problems with the ticketing. If you have people meeting you there or a car rental that you have hired, make sure that you call them a day before and confirm your estimated time of arrival.

3. Bring extra money and keep it somewhere

This is very important because money will be your ticket out of the island just in case some emergency happened. To ensure that you will have an extra with you, keep the extra money apart from the money that you have planned to bring.

4. Put a name in your baggage

Never forget to put some identification marks on your baggage. In addition to a baggage tag, also put some kind of secret mark just in case the baggage gets lost and you have to have something that will prove ownership. You can also put some identification marks inside as well. Make sure also that you but a sturdy lock for the baggage.

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